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Good morning,

I have a TRB142 Gateway with the latest TRB1_R_00.07.00.1 firmware of 02/09/2021 installed.

I have to use the gateway to connect to a thermal power plant control equipment with RS232 input.

The remote device must be able to receive incoming connections (RS232 SERVER configuration) and must be able to send alarms to a server (RS232 CLIENT configuration).

In the TRB142 WEBUI, if I configure the RS232 only as a SERVER or only as a CLIENT, it works correctly.

On the other hand, if I configure the RS232 in BIDIRECT mode, the problems start when using it as a SERVER, remotely I try to connect and the connection is successful only once in a while (1 time out of about 10/15 attempts), it would seem that the port remains listening cyclically for only a few moments. Could it be a firmware bug or is there something wrong in the configuration?



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Could you share screenshots of your configuration?


OVER IP - SEVER MODE works fine

OVER IP CLIENT MODE - works fine

OVER IP - BIDIRECT - does not work well in both server and client modes (once it works and ten times it doesn't)