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I have a couple of Teltonika Routers. A missing feature for my clients is EmailtoSMS with an easier handling as other SMS Gateways are doing with the format sending an email to 004412345679@SmsGatewayIpAddress. Currently the number has to be in the subject, which is not very comfortable if you write the email with any contact address source. Are there plans to implement something similar in the future?

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Thank you for your feedback.

But unfortunately there is no plans for this.

Could you describe your solution? What issue you want to solve? Perhaps other feature could fit for your needs.
Many thanks for that quick reply! As you may know Microsoft decided due to whatever reason stopping OMS service in Outlook V > 2010. I have a couple clients which are using this very often and they have to migrate to an higher Outlook version soon. I know there are plenty solutions out there with ugly plugins and expensive services. We tried a couple of then but no solution is that easy and integrated as it is with Outlook 2010 or the service is just expensive. So I decided to provided them their own SMS Gateway. I could write an API for them for sure, but the most elegant solution would be just writing an email to a contact selected from the email clients address book in the mentioned format.
I think easiest way would be to make templates with configured parameters:
Appreciate your input, many thanks! Unfortunately the addressee will change in every message.
I have the same request. The idea is that the RUTxxx checks the POP mailbox and pulls down all the emails. It then looks for the phone number in the To: field, as mentioned. There would also some sort of basic security such as "Only forward emails from this domain".

On the email server side, is set to a catch all, so anything at that domain goes into a single mailbox.

The specific workflow is that you can then put these special email addresses into a users address book. They can create a new email and send it to John, Greg, and Sharon. The body of the email becomes the SMS. The email gets sent, and the RUT pulls down 3 emails, each of which gets sent automatically. It makes automation very easy.

You also wouldn't need to precede the number with 00 or anything like that. It would just be <number> Very easy for staff to understand and send SMS's.