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It seems that remote activation/deactivation of the OpenVPN client on the RUT240 (via RMS) does not bring any effect - it changes the "Enable" status flag, but I still need to log into the particular device via WebUI and click "Save" button on Services > VPN page for the "Enable" status changes to take effect.

Could you please verify that?

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Services > VPN in WebUI and RMS status change in VPN are not the same. Status change in RMS is only for RMS hub and does not effect your active VPN's in WebUI.

So basically if you disable VPN in RMS it will only disable the tunnel created between RMS and devices, not devices standalone.

So what does the "Configuration > VPN configuration" in RMS do?

It shows also my non-RMS VPN clients with sliders under "Enable" column - that result in what I have written - simple change of the flag in the RUT WebUI, but without applying that change.