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by anonymous

For test reason I added a subsidiary company and invited some others to it. Since we will not use subsidiary companies, I deleted the subsidiary company. Now I want to invite the former subsidiary user to the mother company, but that is not possible.

By filling out the invitation I will get the notice “The email has already been taken.” Hint the user is not shown in the current user list. How to solve this issue?

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by anonymous

Write me a private message via this forum. Please provide me an email for these users. I will be able to delete them from the RMS platform. It will then be possible to send new invitations.
by anonymous
I am having the same issue
Someone in our company previously created an RMS account
but there are no devices / configuration / etc

I have created an RMS account and have populated a number of devices

but cannot invite him as a co-administrator.
Seems to me that a single email address should be able to function as administrator of separate

RMS "clusters" or whatever they are called..  
Allow searching for an email address and then allow adding them as a user to the current scope...
by anonymous


Write me a private message. Please submit an email for these users.