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by anonymous

I am beginner with Teltonika and I have a problem to configure Port forwarding with the wan configured with the 4G connection.

The model is Teltonika RUT950 with the firmware 7.00.2.

I tried to configure the following port forwarding:

VPN 500 / VPN 1702 / VPN 4500 / Cloudstation 5000

None of these settings are working but I think something should be wrong either in the wan settings or firewall -general settings - or firewall - zones settings.

It would be great if someone can help me!

Wish a nice day to every one!

1 Answer

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by anonymous


There is one mandatory precondition for remote access to work, you must have a Static or Dynamic Public IP address. Double check it, usually mobile operators provide it only when you demand and pay additionally.

I also invite you to read this article on port forwarding. This article is aimed at providing configuration examples for using RUT routers and cameras remote access:

Please, review this and if you have any questions we will be happy to answer.

Best regards.

by anonymous

Thanks a lot for your answer.

Then if I understand well, I could solve this problem by setting a ddns like noip in my RUT950?

I ll try to follow your wiki and let you know.

Best regard's