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by anonymous
Hi, I am using a RUT 240 as a router to live stream an IP camera.

I would like to be able to access the camera directly (remotely) for settings changes. Normally with a terrestrial router (Static ISP External IP address) I set up port forwarding in the router to the IP address of the camera and then use the static ISP address plus the port to gain access to the camera. With my EE SIM the external IP address is Dynamic but I can view the current external IP address via RMS and then use the port.....but this is not working. Can anyone suggest a work around? I have looked in the Dynamic DNS section of the RUT 240 but this seems to be for access to the router, not other devices connected to the RUT240.

2 Answers

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by anonymous
Try a VPN to add you router to a not dynamik network.

Your ISP could NAT you also. IPv4 are very limited...
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by anonymous


Have you tried to use RMS remote connect via HTTP(S)?

Here is the link to the instruction on how to use this feature: