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I'm in the market to buy a Modbus Gateway to communicate with a cloud server over a VPN. My first question is about the RUT955 working as a transparent network gateway.

Does the RUT955 do this with little to no configuration requirements?

E.g. Will the cloud server  (connected over VPN to the RUT955) be able to poll from modbus TCP/IP devices, and Modbus RTU devices connected to multiple network gateways on the same network as the RUT955.

Could any issues be forseen with such a setup wehre there are say 10 TCP/IP devices, and and another 10 Modbus RTU to TCP/IP gateways (each with say 20 downstream Modbus RTU devices).

Any answers would be greatly appreciated.

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Hi, setting up a VPN is not difficult, but not in two clicks. You need at least an understanding of what you want to get and how it will work.

10 regular TCP/IP clients plus 10 Modbus gateways connected to RUT955 will work. Because Modbus gateways from the router side will look like regular TCP/IP clients.

RUT955 as a gateway can connect up to 32 devices via Modbus.