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When integrating Modbus TCP/IP and Modbus RTU devices to the RUT955 with a view of pushing data to a cloud server, is it possible to clone devices in the configuration, where registers have been set up, configured and proven.

This question is asked because the plan is to integrate up to 100 or so devices to the RUT955, where there might be only 4 Device types (i.e Modbus register maps are shared for different slave IDs or IP addresses)

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It is possible to clone (copy) the configuration from the router. To do this, it's recommended to access the router via any SCP client (for example WinSCP), then navigate to /etc/config/. Once there, you will find modbus_tcp_master and modbus_serial_master files which should contain your Modbus configuration. It's recommended to copy the configuration commands inside the files instead of copying the file itself and then pasting them in the same file location on any other Teltonika device.

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