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I have updated two RUT240 to firmware 7.01. Everything worked normally (i installed ddns & snmp, it was tricky but worked somehow). After 5-10 reboots and ~ 2 hours later I wasn't able to start one of the routers.

The "signal strength" LEDs are flashing 5 times. After that they stay "green" for ~2 sec. then all LEDs are turning on green for ~4 sec. And the process is repeating itself.

Same problem for the other RUT240.

Any Ideas? Even after resettings to factory default this behaviour starts again.

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The same problem occurred on RUT240 a few days after the update on FW 00.07.01

Exactly the same indicator states.

It was possible to solve the rollback on FW 01.14.3


It didn't work the first time, I made several reboots.