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Hi, I have this scenario:

Internet <-> TRB140 LAN port <NAT> UniFi Security Gateway WAN port (USG) <-> LAN

USG works also as VPN server (L2TP with shared key)

So I need set on TRB140 DMZ for USG. I learned this is not possible, but TRB140 allows to make PortForward. So I tried to port forwarding all external port to all internal ports (in rule 0-65000) to USG. But VPN does not work, as well as scanning ports from internet shows all ports closed.

Just to check configuration of USG I tried another gateway instead of TRB140 and it worked. But I prefer to use TRB140.

So please let me know any advise, how to solve this scenario...



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Check if your TRB140 has a public IP address: https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/Private_and_Public_IP_Addresses

To set DMZ on TRB140 device you should configure firewall rule. Go to WebUI -> Network -> Firewall -> Port Forwarding.

Add new rule: 

Name: example 

Protocol: TCP/UPD 

External zone: wan 

External port: leave blank 

Internal zone: lan 

Internal IP address: USG IP 

Internal port: leave blank