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RUT950 with latest firmware here (RUT9_R_00.07.01.1)

I try to send a USSD command with the gsmctl utility: 

gsmctl --ussd "*#61#"

The response in /tmp/ussd however is a truncated USSD response:

Call forwarding

The real response (as confirmed by using a mobile phone) however contains more lines:

Call forwarding

Voice: +43660303060 ...

Sync: +4366033 ...

Is this fixable? Sadly the gsmctl is not open source, only as a binary in the GPL package, so it's not fixable by myself.

Best regards

1 Answer

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This issue has already been noticed by device developers. In the future, they plan to add support for multiple output for USSD commands. Unfortunately, so far I cannot tell you the approximate dates of the readiness of this solution.

Best regards, Aliaksandr!