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Hi, I have a RUT950 with the following WAN setup:

  • Main WAN: wired DSL router (Protocol DHCP)
  • WAN Failover: Mobile connection (Protocol QMI)

The problem is that sometimes the DSL uplink degrades terribly, losing 30-60% of the packets, or increasing the ping time to several seconds, but it does not consistently stay so. It may vary a lot, so for some seconds the ping is reasonable, and a minute later is terrible etc.

Therefore my RUT950 keeps switching back and forth between the main and failover links. The service becomes unusable,  even if the mobile uplink works perfectly fine!!

This is the configuration of my main WAN link:

And this is the configuration of my failover WAN link:

NOTE: i do not use ping but an HTTP request since my mobile provider blocks ICMP.

So, my question is: how may I improve the failover behaviour? I would like to consider a more complex metric to evaluate the state of my DSL uplink, like e.g.

(mean RTT over a whole minute < 400ms ) AND (packet loss < 2%)

The FW version is RUT9XX_R_00.06.07.5.


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Unfortunately, with current failover functionality, there is no option to use more complex settings as you described. Because the issue itself is with the DSL line, the only suggestions would be to try experimenting with "Health monitor ICMP timeout" and "Attempts before failover" settings. Try increasing ICMP timeout to 5-10 sec. and attempts before failover to 5 and see if this allows you to have more stable failover performance.


Thanks for your answer Saruna.