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Hi, which type of poe adapter can I use to power on a teltonika rutx12?

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You need to look for Passive PoE with output voltage range by a 9-50V DC. The RUTX12 may be powered by an Ethernet cable via the LAN1 port, but it is NOT COMPLIANT with the IEEE 802.3af-2003 standard. Powering the device from an IEEE 802.3af-2003 power supply will damage the device as it is not rated for input voltages of the PoE standard.


I have a follow up question. I purchased a TSW100 because I thought this device would work to provide both PoE and a switch for the RUTx12. Is the TSW100 compatible with the RUTx12 if the signal chain looks like this:

TSW100 --> Passive PoE 48V DC Out / 24W (non-IEEE 802.3af compliant) --> RUTx12 (LAN Port 1)

Will this configuration:
a) Work to power RUTx12?
b) Not cause issues with the PoE from TSW100 with the passive PoE?