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by anonymous

Two of our RUT240 routers disabled the RMS service on 1st December 21 at midnight by themselves.

Both are running with RUT2XX_R_00.01.14.4. They are offside so I have no access directly and remote access is not possible at this state.

Thanks in advance!

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Thanks for contacting TELTONIKA | Crowd-support forum.

Kindly be informed that if there’s no credits remaining in your RMS account the rms would be automatically disabled.

The view from RMS would be similar to the picture.

You can check the credits remaining from the link below:

In meanwhile, enter in your router’s WebUI, go to SERVICES > CLOUD SOLUTIONS > RMS, and make sure that all fields are filled in correctly as shown below then click the ‘connect’ button.

- Connection type: Enabled

- Hostname:

- Port: 15009

check the following link for more details:

In case there’s no credits remaining, you can buy directly from TELTONIKA if the total number exceeds 100 credits, if you want to buy less credits, then you can contact our resellers

Should you need any additional information please let us know.

Best regards.

by anonymous
We have > 800 Credits in stock. That couldn't be the problem.

I have no chance to enter the WebUI because it is offsite. I have to send a technician to it to check it.

Are there other chances to get access remotely?

by anonymous

Hello again,

RUT240 supports multiple monitoring and administration possibilities.

Could you please let me know what's the wan source used for getting internet? Do you have a public IP address? 

In case RUT240 does not lose the power and there's a SIM card, try to reboot your device by sending SMS.

To execute an SMS rule, send an SMS message to your device's SIM card number with the rule's SMS Text preceded by the selected authorization keyword, which depends on the selected authorization method.

By default, authorization method is By device admin password.

example:   <<device admin password'>> SMS Text

admin01 reboot

admin01 monitoring_status

More information can be found here:

Best regards