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RUTX11 was installed and worked fine for two days.  Then no internet available on either of the wifi outputs.  Logging on as administrator llows a speed test on the RUTX11 router firmware.  The speedtest works well/as it should.

I have installed the latest firmware with no benefit.  Then done a factory reset with no benefit.  Then again updated to the latest firmware.  The updates were downloaded through the sim in the router and the router speed test in system options is fine but still, the router provides no internet in either of the WiFi channels (2G or 5G).

The above happened simultaneously and has the same symptoms for multiple devices on 2G and 5G wifi.  The sim card gives good internet when placed in a mobile phone.

Troubleshoot file attached.

Thanks for your help.

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Could you try to reflash your router firmware to the latest one via the bootloader menu? Instructions can be found right here:

After that just configure your SIM card and make sure that you can ping outside the network from CLI. Then connect your PC to router default WiFi (do not change WiFi settings) and check if there is an internet connection.


Thank you,  Very grateful.  I am not very experienced in this area of technology.  

1.  Can I just do a factory reset then update to the latest firmware to achieve the same repair?  (As I am confidently able to do these.)

2. How do I "configure sim card"?

3.  What is CLI?  How do I "Ping"?       I may not need to do this as I can see that the internet speed test works when done using the RUTX11 operating system  but does not work when using the devices connected ?

Very grateful,

Thanks again,

I remain stuck.  The router speedtest which was working, no longer works.  I have done another factory reset and again run the setup wizard with and without AutoAPN.  

I have then reverted to the older firmware (.0) as I see other questions relating to the stability of the new issue (.1)  I have uploaded a  troubleshoot file.

Thank you for your help,