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my RUTX11 has been working generally great, except roughly every 1-4 weeks mobile traffic stops. Pattern is always same: status page is still showing 4G+ to be Connected with OK signal, but traffic is not going through. The modem is not able to ping Perhaps connection kinda awakens for a bit still, but basically I will always have to reboot the device. Also toggling "Default SIM" off and back on seems to do the same trick (resetting the modem?)

Firmware is RUTX_R_00.07.01 and modem firmware EG06ELAR04A04M4G.

I have not found anything relevant from logs, although I admit there isn't much in gsm.log I would understand. Any ideas how to debug this?

I actually didn't find scheduled modem auto-reboot feature until now, so that is something I'll do. :-) I guess a modem reboot every night wouldn't hurt?

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A ping reboot from Services->Ping/Wget reboot should be enough in your case, you can do a device reboot or a modem-only reboot.

If you do that, ping dns.google not the added benefit is to check that dnsmasq is still functional.