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by anonymous
Hi there,
I have a quite new RUTX11. I used it for around a month without any issues.
Then I have updated the firmware to RUTX_R_00.07.01 and still used it for about a week. Everything seems fine.
I then moved to a different city and recharged my sim card.
From that moment the mobile connection keeps dropping every 5mins or so. Is quite annoying to use it.
I'm relatively sure is not a Mobile Operator problem because:
- I have another sim card with the same operator and works just fine
- I tried to use the sim card I use in the RUTX11 in my phone and experienced no connection drop

I read other questions here in the forum with similar problems but none was resolved.

Any ideas or tips on how can I solve these issues?

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Regarding this issue of yours, there are multiple factors that can affect the RUTX11 Mobile performance as you mentioned it was working fine in a different place and when you moved to another place you encountered the problem. Based on this statement shows that this may be caused by RUTX11 to the ISP Connectivity. To verify it you can check the Mobile Parameters by navigating to Status > Network > Mobile  

To check if you have good signal parameters you can refer to this link: 
Mobile Signal Strength Recommendations - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

And also keep in mind there are multiple factors as well that may affect your Mobile Network Performance. 
For more details you can refer to this link: LTE Speed Discrepancies - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

I hope this helps