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I have a rut 240 on site far from my current location. Device is sending live camera stream.
The whole system works fine except the routers vpn connection and the admin ui at
When trying to connect from windows, it says connection was interrupted, caused by a problem in vpn transmission, and is commonly a result of internet latency, or that your vpn server reached its capacity.

There is a server behind the router, which also has a vpn configuration, which is still accessible. I can navigate on the whole lan, openmediavault, local devices...

But I can't access the routers ui. Browser simply hangs, putty ssh asks for login name but after it hangs also.

I have read in similar issues, that it can be caused of the log files, and they should be removed, but I have no access to do it.
Does anyone have an idea, how to fix it?


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I apologize for the late reply, could you post your VPN configuration (hide sensitive information such as public IP). Also, please specify which firmware version your router currently using?