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When will the latest OS for RUTX11 and similar devices support IP aliases (So I can provide access to some battery management modules that do not permit IPs outside of 192.168.x.x)?

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IP alias is not implemented on RUTOS 7 yet. But you can specify it via CLI/SSH client. You should connect to the device via the CLI/SSH client and make a small fix. Modify the vi /etc/config/network (press “i” to start edit) file by adding alias entry at the end. It should look like this:

config alias

        option netmask ''

        option proto 'static'

        option interface 'lan'

        option ipaddr ''

Save changes (Esc and :wq). Restart network interface: /etc/init.d/network restart


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No idea when it will be implemented?

If more than one alias is required, do you continue using “alias” as the label?