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  • FW version : RUT9_R_00.07.01.1
  • device : RUT955


I have a RUT955 with a SIM card and want to access it remotely without using a SIM with a dedicated static IP nor the use of an external DDNS service (such as OVH...).

I don't have any devices on the RUT network, so I just want to access the RUT server itself via IP.

I know that in this context the device public IP adress will often change (reboot, ISP...) but it is not a problem as soon as I can get this address remotely.

I think that a configuration is possible but I am not sure how to settle the MOB1S1A1 interface, the NAT (or not?), the routes...

what i've tried is to get the router public IP via MQTT commands (forwarding the result of "curl ifconfig.me; echo" via a script I implemented on the router) and try to connect to the IP address received. It failed as all other attempts to set other kind of connection parameters (bridge, passthrough...).

do you have any hint/advice to manage this?

Thanks a lot,


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It sounds like your router may be behind a CGNAT. Could you please confirm if the router itself gets the public WAN IP assigned or does the WAN interface have any IP address from the following list: - - - -

Please note that WAN IP and the displayed IP address from "curl ifconfig.me" may differ, checking the WAN interface IP is the best way to approach this issue.

If you have any of these addresses on your WAN interface then I'm afraid it's going to be impossible to access your router remotely without some workaround. 

If this turns out to be the case, for the workarounds, the best and simplest way would be to request for a public static IP address from your ISP. There is another way - it's possible to rent a virtual private server (VPS) with an external IP address, configure a VPN tunnel between the VPS and the router and port forward certain ports via the tunnel but this method is much more complicated and requires some manual setup.

Best regards,


Hi Tomas,

Thanks for your answer.

Speaking of ISP, is it possible that I solve the problem by changing SIM provider then?

I'm actually testing with a personal SIM but will soon receive the "production" ones. So I think I may wait for those before digging further in one of your directions...

Thanks again,

It may be possible but I recommend consulting with the ISP itself regarding this question. Depending on the ISP, some do not hand out public IP addresses at all until they get the request to do so from their client, regardless of whether the connection is mobile or wired. Generally, when it comes to static/public extenral IP addressing, it all depends on the contract - it's usually stated in the contract what kind of IP address will be provided for that SIM card, if any.

Best regards,