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by anonymous
Hello ,

i want to share my experience in trying FW 7 upgrade on teltonika rut955.

The first though is that the layout is totally different from before version fw but is very nice.

I had immediately problem in visualize the mobile data consuption. It was totally missing ("no data"). For solve this annoyng problem i had to reflash the fw again without checking the "keep setting option", then i had to manually config the router again. Very boring and time loosing.I was happy then to have beautiful layout and functions that i need.

Unfortunately this lasted only 5 days. Indeed at first power black out of the router, all the mobile option and menu disappered!

The internet with sim data not workling at all. At this point i try to reflash 7.1.1 but nothing changed. Even in default configuration, the mobile menu and data consuption wasn't available. I try to put inside a backup conf for 7.1.1. that had the mobile working but nothing. It was WAN disappeared.

So without any other hope at the end i had to reflash 6.8.5. The mobile restart working! My expectation now is not to have any other malfunction with this fw.

I have the router in my home, but i don't want to think who has it remotely positioned , maybe for working situation. I keep updated this if something bad again happened since now.

Hope this can help someone that recognise same issues.
by anonymous
Same problem here. after loading new firmware and after reboot all mobile tools, options and the failover to mobile was missing and not functioning anymore. Please Teltonika pick up this problem and release a new FW as soon as possible. customers are relying on this type of functionality.

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by anonymous

Firstly, apologies for the inconvenience experienced post upgrade. Please can you share from which base firmware version you upgraded to the latest, Also, I assume that the step upgrade procedure was done if in case it was an older branch firmware. Just in-case when the issue was being experienced did you get a chance to download the troubleshoot file ? If yes, Please share it.

by anonymous

Unfortunately i have't download troubleshot files. I upgraded in november from Fw RUT9XX_R_00.06.08.3 to RUT9_R_00.07.00 but the mobile data menù was not working. The others mobile menù was ok , also the WAN was ok.

The I did the upgrade for solve the mobile data missing issue from RUT9_R_00.07.00 to RUT9_R_00.07.01.1 configuring everything in manual way.

But at the first reboot It loses all the mobiles menu and the WAN stopper working.
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by anonymous

Same problem.

After upgrading from 7.0 to 7.1.1 from server, mobile was broken, no leds on mobile signal, and "no sim inserted"...

Downgraded to 6.8.5, all worked again, then I tried upgrade to 7.1.1 again, this time from file to see if it helped.

It did not. Same problem again.

Can not find 7.0 firmware to download, so I will stay on 6.8.5 until issue resolved.

Unfortunately I did not download the troubleshoot file while on 7.1.1.

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by anonymous
Be advised, that the RUT955 is supported running "official", most recent openwrt. Which not only allows community support, running more recent kernels and software packages, but also allows tighter customization for industrial apps. Having done multiple IoT projects accessing AWS and Modbus-RTU devices,  using VPN, remote configuration, firmware updates OTA, failback WAN/WIFI/LTE  etc.
This is not an option for industrial apps only, but also for the "casual" user, because of openwrts GUI.