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by anonymous
I have a RUT240 and a satphone broadband terminal on a boat network with several devices and a pc all connected to the rut240 wifi. I use the rut240 4g while within coastal areas and the satphone when not. I  trying to come up with a practical to switch between the 2. Configuring the satphone as a wan fallback on the rut240 is not an option as I need to have awareness and control of which one is active so I can use the apropriare user software applications for each case. Instead, I have a physical switch wired to the rut240 input which selects a "4g" profile or a "sat" profile. Each profile points to a different gateway ip obviously and I use dhcp rules to manage that. However, the problem I have with this approach is that the wifi connected devices and computers are unaware the gateway changed. I thought if I ran a script to disable and reenable wifi and dhcp server, the devices and computer would renew dhcp and learn about the new gateway. But I could not find a way to trigger a script after a profile change. Anyone got any ideas or tops that might help?

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by anonymous

Hello, Coconha,

Thank you for contacting us.
I would like to ask, have you tried to create different profiles in a router instead of using profiles in a physical switch?
More information about profiles could be found in this link.
Every single profile in our devices could be configured independently from each other, so in you case, you could set different settings for satellite phone and 4G and changing these profiles on demand.
If you will need more information, please inform.

Best regards,