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Hi everyone,

I'm trying to do some firmware updates on my RUT 240 routers. I don't have access to WebGui, only SSH.

First question: How can I get the running firmware version from cli?

Second question:

I was planning to download the image directly from internet, to the temp directroy and run the firmware from there. Kind of like the process in the web gui.

However the wget command in busybox doesn't seem to allow me using https:// only http://.. And the link on teltonika's site are https.

So how can this be done? I could upload the bin fil to a http location of my own ofcourse, but since it can be done wia webGui it should be possibe to run it in cli as well..

I know there's an option to do the fw_upgrade command via SMS. But can this function be triggerd from cli as well?

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For the version: cat /etc/version

For the download try instead with curl: curl your_url --output outfile

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Thanks for the quick reply.
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Hi, the version of the installed firmware can be viewed with the command grep version /etc/config/system.

the answers to your other questions are in the Wiki https://wiki.teltonika-networks.com/view/Firmware_upgrade_via_command_line

Best regards.