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by anonymous

model: RUT955T03XXX

after upgrading 06.07.7 -> 06.08.3 we lost some SNMP metrics

temperature: = INTEGER: 0

GPS data:

iso. = STRING: "unknown"

iso. = STRING: "unknown"

iso. = STRING: "unknown"

iso. = STRING: "unknown"

iso. = INTEGER: 0

router info:

iso. = ""

iso. = ""

iso. = ""

all above metrics still can be found using snmpwalk - they are present, but empty/undefined/0

additionally, GSM operator name is doubled :)

iso. = STRING: "Orange Orange"

1 Answer

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by anonymous


I've tested this on my end and it seems to work just fine, I've upgraded from 06.07.7 to 06.08.3 while keeping settings and then, additionally, reset the configuration of the router. Everything seems to be in order after doing that. Could you please try to re-download and import MIB variables text file from the router into the snmpwalk and see if that helps?

Alternatively, I'd suggest backing up the current configuration and doing a full router reset and then re-installing the SNMP package via web UI by importing package manually. To do that, download the 5.8.7 SNMP package from here: 

After downloading, navigate to System > Package Manager > Upload and upload it manually. Once it's done installing, navigate to Services > SNMP and re-enable the service and re-download the MIB file.

Let me know if this works.

Best regards,