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We have 7 RUT360 connected to a central firewall with IPSEC connexions.
Ping are OK trought IPSEC.
When we use IPSEC with traffic, the traffic is ok but only few seconds. After that, the RUT360 reboot.

We haven't this problem only on 1 RUT360. It was in firmware version RUT36X_R_00.07.00 and it work perfectly.
The 6 others was in version RUT36X_R_00.07.01 and reboot each time traffic is up in IPSEC.

Please correct the firmware.

We need to downgrade the 6 RUT360 but the downgrade reset parameters. The routers aren't not firendly accessibles and we need the default wifi password. I know there are on the label on the product but we haven't take pictures of the label and it'is diffcult now to have an physical access to the routers. Is there any possibility to retrive this default wifi password before reset the router ? Like in CLI or other ?

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by anonymous


As for IPsec issues, thank you for giving additional feedback, we are aware of the issue and currently are working on solving it.

As for retrieving default WiFi password without physical access to the devices if it was already changed, there really is no such option. What I could offer is either using SMS uci rules:

And after reflashing the device to send sms with command to set new wifi password: <router_passwd> uci set <wireless......>=<new_password>.

Considering that after reflashing it would have default password message would be admin01 uci set wireless.default_radio0.key=<new_password>

another option would be adding devices to RMS and changing needed configurations through there, since you would be able to access them if they would have internet connection and each device has 30 days free trial.