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I'm trying to setup an openVPN connection to a remote RUT955 with 4G capability installed and over that connection contact a device's FTP server. The device is connected by LAN to the RUT955.

When I access the RUT955 through its wifi network, I can ping the device (, and can access the FTP server through software such as FileZilla.

Through the OpenVPN connection to the RUT955 I can ping the device but cannot access the FTP server.

The RUT955 is the OpenVPN server, tunnel and preshared keys, client config file used on my PC is below:

remote [PUBLIC IP]

dev tun


secret "[PATH TO]key.txt"

redirect-gateway def1

Is there a specific setting I need to use on the RUT955 or the setup of OpenVPN to enable the communications?



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- Through the OpenVPN connection to the RUT955 I can ping the device but cannot access the FTP server.

Can you ping IP: from VPN Client side?  Can you reach router webui using LAN IP?

When connected to the wifi of the RUT955 (openVPN server) directly, I can ping the .10 address  and access its FTP server and access the webui through the address

Connected to the RUT955 through the vpn (PC is now a client of the openVPN) I can ping the .10 address but not access the FTP server. In this case I can still access the webui.
Try two things:

1. Disable temporally your Firewall in PC (where FTP is enabled).

2. Disable OpenVPN in router and try create port forwarding rule for FTP in router. Then check if you can reach your FTP remotely using router WAN IP.
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Are you connecting to the FTP server using a hostname or an IP address ?

I have found, that when I enable OpenVPN, it is a hit or miss if DNS is working. IP Connectivity appear to be working every time.

I have added a DHCP option to my DHCP server, which appear to have solved the issue.

Using and Open DNS server, I have the following option on the DHCP Server advanced tab:


DHCP Option 6 is DNS, is the DNS server IP

Finally, try both passive and active FTP mode.