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by anonymous

We use the RUT240 router with almost all German network operators. Since firmware version 14.3 we have the problem that the mobile data connection is interrupted after different runtimes. Then the only thing that helps is restarting the router, either via SMS or via the web interface. Since the restart via SMS works without any problems, it can be concluded that the router is still connected to the mobile network and only the data connection is interrupted. The problem still exists with version 14.4 and also with the current RUT2_R_00.07.01 firmware.

So far I've solved the problem with a ping restart. Nevertheless, I find it very noticeable that the router has regularly interrupted the mobile data connection since the update.


Is the problem known or is there already a solution?

We use a custom APN and not the auto APN.

Best regards


2 Answers

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by anonymous
Hello Julius, i send you the Troubleshoot file via PM.
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by anonymous
We have the same problems since 14.3, too!

We would be very thankful for a solution, we ordered over 100 RUT240 in the last months and this actual problem is driving me crazy.

RUT 240

FW 14.5

Telefonica O2 SIM with roaming and Telefonica default apn

Force LTE activated (because LTE needed)