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I have a network of TRB245 and RUT955 devices on a private APN that doesn't support QMI. I need to configure all mobile connections with PPP.

Connection type can be changed from QMI to PPP on RUT955, but no firmware version offers this possibility on TRB245.

The list of protocols offered on TRB245 only includes "Mobile" to be able to configure custom APN. With this configuration, the TRB245 register correctly on the mobile and get the expected IPs, but they cannot ping each other.

RUT955 devices configured on the same APN configured with PPP work fine and ping each other, but when I configure them with QMI they get the same problem as the TRB245 devices, so I think the carrier does not support QMI.

Is there any way to configure the TRB245 with compatibility to PPP?

Thank you

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The only supported connection type for mobile interface on RUTX and TRB devices is QMI.
Separate PPP type will not be developed as QMI should work with most operators out there at the current moment.
If you're having struggles to make RUTX or TRB work with some kind of operator, you must ask if operator is able to include QMI connection type into their infrastructure.
Unfortunately, right now, there are no plans to include PPP as a connection type into these products.