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by anonymous

that's my first post here, so pretty new to the RUT950.

I set it up for Wifi with a Station mode to my home network and the AP using for live streaming.

(no SIM card in yet, that will be next step)

After random times (2min, 5min, 8min.....) it reboots.

I checked the auto reboot options and they are all off.

Anyone here experienced the same issue or has an idea what could cause sudden reboots ?

cheers, Chris
by anonymous
Hi, firmware?

1 Answer

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by anonymous
Hi Chris

I've exact the same issue since a few day.

I've installed the latest FW und Factory reset, by pressing the reset button.
After that my Router was good for one day,,,, now It seems the same issue is back again.

by anonymous
Interesting, my RUT950 is behaving the same for last few days. Restarts every couple minutes. I don't see anything unusual in the logs.
by anonymous
In my case the reason was a faulty power supply. When I measured the voltage on the socket disconnected from the router it was ok (9V) - but when connected to the router it felt to about 6V. After buying the new one everything is back to normal.

There is a lot places online where you can buy this power supply so I guess that it breaks often.