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by anonymous
In the past I have been using OpenVPN's cloud service, but have decided to give the Teltonika builtin VPN service a go. Configuration and easy and intuitive, but the throughput is woeful. In the past using Open VPN it would take less than 5 seconds to load a Hikvision camera live view page, where I could easily stream the live view through the VPN. Now if I use the Teltonika VPN solution, it can take upto 45 seconds just to load the live view page. I have tested this with different installations and with different RUT modems, but the throughput seems to always be very slow. I would like to keep using it but it is not really usable how it is. Does anyone have any suggestions where the problem may lie?

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by anonymous
Hello, as I understand it, you are using a VPN HUB from Teltonika and comparing it with another cloud VPN service. So?
by anonymous
Yes, that is correct. The VPN Hub has the slow throughput. I used to use OpenVPN Cloud service. Due to some issues I move away from using it.

To load a live view page from a cctv camera through Open VPN cloud service was about 5 seconds, loading the same page through Teltonikas VPN Hub takes about 45 seconds.
by anonymous
Do you have any other advice on why I am having this issue? Is there any one else experiencing this? When I stream a CCTV video through the router it streams very smoothl. I have also tested the data throughput and it is far higher than the VPNs so that is not the issue that is causing it.