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by anonymous
With the Teltonika API, I can add a device with a totally wrong serial and mac address. No errors are thrown and I can see it on the RMS like a normal device. The only thing that happens is that I then cannot connect via remote to it.

Is there a way to verify that the serial and mac addresses are correct? These numbers will be entered manually by collaborators and we don't want to have devices with wrong data on the RMS list of devices. Test 1 by 1 if they connect by inserting a SIM and everything is a lot of work and time lost! Is there a better way to verify this data using the API?
by anonymous
Can somebody help me?? Or where I can talk to the technical support of Teltonika?? I couldn't find any contact a part from this portal.

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by anonymous


Thank you for your query.

I do apologize, however, RMS currently doesn't have such functionality and unfortunately it is not planned in the future. The developers hold the position that the customer is responsible for providing the correct information. There are certain security mechanisms in place: if this information is provided incorrectly(as you mentioned), the device would not be activated to RMS.

When device is first added to Teltonika Networks Remote Management System it is assigned a state of not-activated. After connecting to RMS for the first time it obtains two new states: online and offline. If the device has internet access, it is added to RMS and correct credentials are inputed on routers WEBUI (correct RMS hostname, port etc) and it remains in not-active state this most likely would be an indication that a bad serial number/mac address has been provided.

I do sincerely apologize if this causes inconveniences, however, at this point in time such functionality is not planned.

Best Regards,