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by anonymous


iojuggler seems to be broken in latest firmware:
we have configured iojuggler on a TRB 140 with firmware TRB1_R_00.07.00.1 as follows:

  • configured both pin 3 and 4 as 'Configurable Input'
  • enabled iojuggler
  • added new role for 'Configurable Input/Output (3)' with trigger interval 1, trigger 'falling', action 'test_sms' as described below and no conditions
  • action 'test_sms' : type: 'sms', execution delay: 1, recipients 'Single', phone number [my phone number in format +41xxxxxxxxx] and add conditions is set to 'no conditions available'

when connecting pin 3 to vcc (12v) i can see status of the pin changing to high, but when removing vcc (=falling edge) the sms is not sent.

whats wrong here?
and why is it possible to configure a condition in input configuration AND in actions configuration? how is this supposed to work? 

I also checked the output from the command 'ubus call ioman.gpio.dio0 status' on the console :

        "value": "0",
        "direction": "in",
        "bi_dir": true,
        "invert_input": false

what does "bi_dir": true mean? I cant find it in the docs nor a correspondin setting in the gui. I looks like this pin is configured as bi-directional.

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by anonymous

Have you tried sending SMS in a different way, manually? Perhaps the TRB140 also has a problem with sending SMS on the LTE network. If so, try switching the modem to 3G only mode.