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by anonymous
Dear community,

I have download the log file from RUT240 to check events. Could anyone help me how to read the file ".tar.gz" as in attachment ?

Thanks and best regards

1 Answer

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by anonymous


You can download two types of files:

- Troubleshoot

- Backup file

Backup files - it contains devices configuration and it is used to configure other router to the same configuration level as the device from which it was downloaded.

Troubleshoot files - it also contains configuration of the device, but it cannot be used to configure other devices. Troubleshoot file is used to see routers activity and etc.

To open them, simply uses 7zip or WinRAR software and to view files notepad or notepad++ can be used. You don't need them to extract, simply open them by double-clicking and select the directory/files you want to view.

Best regards,

by anonymous
Dear Vytautas,

Thank you for your reply

So I think my file in this link is just the backup file, does not contain log file, can you help confirm it ?

Could you please guide me how to download the troubleshoot file ?

Thanks and best regards
by anonymous

To download troubleshoot file login to device WebUI and navigate to System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot.

Best regards,