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by anonymous
Hi All,

Recently I purchased Teltonika RUTX12 by hoping to get good lte speeds + Load balancing and the router not doing any of those as advertised. I can add two sims cards and connect at the same time but I'm not getting even 10mbps. even tested with various tools that utilize multiple  connections

While Rutx12 performing this bad my oneplus 8 pro mobile with same provider sim card giving me 50+mbps down link all the time. first I though it some kind of weird software glitch on router and tested many scenarios. even single sim card not giving me more than 15mbps and the connection is really unstable. I monitor all my routers and device through zabbix. every day I'm getting few notifications that router is down. Story continues after the recent software upgrade as well.

RUTX12 disappointing reliability makes me think that buying cheap smartphone and use it as my router is the best way. but then I misses all the features openwrt offers as a gateway

I notice both quicktel LTE modems are only cat6. can we replace these modems with better and faster modems like cat18 ? any reason teltonika choose these modems ? like reliability ? or specific feature ?

Finally why quicktel modems are this bad ? is there any way to speed these up at least to get 25mbps  down link?

It's kind of joke that beefy device with 4 large antennas giving poor performance and reliability than mobile phone with tiny embedded antennas

Someone from teltonika please respond. If this device cannot do what you advertised, we should be able to return and get refund. This  is that bad.

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by anonymous


Thank you for the provided information. There could many issues why you might be encountering these kinds of speeds. Strongly recommend following this topic to learn more:

We recommend testing the speeds with a similar device (maybe try testing another LTE CAT 6 device) in the same location and with the same settings to see if there will be any improvement.

Furthermore, potentially Load-balancing feature was configured improperly thus you haven't encountered full capacity of the RUTX12, and please keep in mind that load-balancing do not increase the speed of LTE, but increase the throughput.

If looking for device with higher LTE CAT category, you could try and use RUTX14 which has LTE CAT 12 module.

If you have any issues and want to return the device, please contact your reseller.

Best regards,

by anonymous

and please keep in mind that load-balancing do not increase the speed of LTE, but increase the throughput.

I'm aware of that and lack of proper link aggregation feature, also let down for me.

is it possible to replace the two cat 6 modules with another brand cat 12 modules ?

something like this -

by anonymous

No, we do not have any plans in introduction of this kind of the device.

If you want to try and increase the speed of the LTE, you could try using Bondix Intellagence solution ->

Best regards,