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Could you please let us know little bit more information about this router in particular? For example:

 - Was router working before and suddenly just stopped? If it happen recently, maybe you remember what have been done with the router, e.g. maybe you were changing router's configuration prior to this issue occurring?

 - Is only single LAN port on the router not working, or are all 3 LAN ports not working simultaneously?

 - Could you please try to use different LAN cable, just to be sure that issue is not related with damaged cable?

 - Does this RUT500 keep broadcasting its WiFi SSID? Is device reachable via WiFi?
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  • We used to work with this Router but when we stopped working with it for a while and wanted to use it again, we experienced this problem. 
  • All 3 LAN ports on the router are not working
  • I tried different LAN cable and it works for other router like rut230 but in router500 no.
  • we have not yet inserted the sim card to acces to wifi i just wanted to try connexion via ETHERNET

by anonymous

Thank you for clarification.

In this case try to perform tftpd recovery for this RUT500. If device's issue is software related, that should solve it. Tftpd recovery package can be downloaded from here:

While instructions how to use it and what to do are inside the archive.

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RUT500 is a EOL device thus we do not provide any further support.

From your description, it seems to be a hardware related issue. If you have any access to device web interface, you could try upgrading the devices firmware version and see if this helps. Firmware could be downloaded from here ->

Best regards,

by anonymous
unfortunately I don't have access to device web interface.