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I want to use a free network on a campsite but it doesn‘t work. If i connect by smartphone to the external network i have to agree to the terms & conditions before the connection is done by clicking a checkbox. If i scan the networks over WAN in my RUT955 i can connect - but a few seconds later it jumps back to mobile connection.

is there a way to use networks line that? Most of the open networks needs that kind if approval.

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Thank you for provided information.

From provided description, you are connecting to Hotspot network where as you mentioned need to agree with term & conditions which is usually used in Hotspot network. Routers cannot authorize them self in this kind of network (Hotspot network) and because of that, it will not get internet access via WiFi.

Router can only connect to wireless access points aka simple WiFi access points which are not using Hotspot.

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Hi there,

i'm trying to use the same feature (incl. Multi-AP Client) as uplink with a normal PSK Auth.

The connection flaps between online and not connected. I'm using RUT9_R_00.07.01.4.

Do you have any advice?