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by anonymous

Hello friends,

I have an issue with my configuration.

If I follow the steps of the following tutorial then my wifi clients are getting no IPs over DHCP (only WiFi, wired connections are working). But if I put the VLAN eth0.10 interface in Bridge Mode it works, but this is not what I want.

Has anybody an idea? Thank you

Used tutorial:

Here is the step where the DHCP of my WiFi connection doesn't work anymore:

Wifi vlan.png

2 Answers

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by anonymous

Hello Peter,

I do apologize, there is a small inaccuracy when it comes to WiFi traffic splitting.

In this case you would not need to use Vlans.

1) Instead navigate to Network -> Wireless -> and click on edit of the Access Point.

2) Find Network and Click on the drop down menu. Type in your Wireless LAN name, for example I used WLAN and hit enter.

3) A new interface window will open. Fill in:

  • IPv4 address:
  • IPv4 netmask:
  • Enable DHCP Server

4) Navigate to Network -> Interfaces and check that WLAN is up and running and type: wireless

From this point just please follow the guide from Configuring advanced static routes point:

To sum up, in order to implement this with WiFi,  you do not need to create vlans or any wired  interfaces. The first step is to create a wireless interface using the instructions I have provided above. After this the only thing left is to Configure Advanced Static Routes, guide on this Could be found following the link provided above. Note that if you would have more than one LAN subnet, then you might need to add additional VLANS, however, when it comes to replicating the provided example it is not needed.

Last Note: Just to clarify, you do not need to do the Separating Traffic Via Ethernet Ports and Separating Traffic With WLAN Interface since this has been accomplished with my initial instructions. From the Guide in the link all you would need to do is the Configuring Advanced Static Routes.

Also, here is an example on how a guest WiFi network is created, it discusses the same wireless interface creation example and could be used for further clarification purposes:

Firmware used in the example: RUTX_R_00.07.00

Download Link:

Best Regards,

Dziugas K.

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by anonymous
Thank you for your answer. Here is why I think that I need VLANs:

I want to stream over two LTE connections but the stream uses only a single TCP connection. So I have to split the TCP connection via MPTCP. I do this over my Mini PC.

The problem is: If I assign the WLAN AP to the VLAN3-Interface then DHCP is not working for WiFi clients, but the Mini PC is getting an IP. If I change the VLAN3-Interface to bridge mode however, then the WiFi clients are getting IPs but from the wrong network (
by anonymous


Thank you for the explanation.

I have had a look into your provided topology, I would like to clarify a bit.

  • According to the topology you have 2 Vlan's created: and .
  • Traffic from is being routed via SIM1
  • Traffic from via SIM2


I am unsure via which interface Mob1 or Mob2 the WiFi traffic would flow. It seems that you are trying to implement bonding functionality, which is not support on RUTX12 by default.

However, there is an alternative with the use bondix inteligence:

In terms of Vlans, you can split the lan traffic from the and by following the original guide. If for example, you would like to add subnet as well you would need to refer to my previous comment as that explains how to achieve such functionality. For example, traffic via SIM1. 192.168.20/24 and via SIM2. It will not be visible in the vlan section, but it will act as one, it will be a different subnet and devices will obtain the internet connectivity from SIM2 . But I am unsure if this will help in your situation as you are trying to implement bonding functionality.

I would recommend to have a look here: and possibly contact Bondix inteligence for assistance with bonding implementation.

Best Regards,