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by anonymous

RUT955 with firmware version RUT9_R_00.07.00.2

My WLAN clients need static IP addresses, so I set static DHCP leases in the LAN interface menue. In the example below the IP address is set to Albeit both status screens depict the client's correct MAC address, there is a difference in the IP address. On WLAN client side the static DHCP lease was set properly.

Where does this incorrect IP address come from?!?

The issue can be reproduced after resetting the device to factory defaults. Note: without static lease setting the router assigns the 138 as dynamic IP address. It looks like that this assignment is displayed, but the static lease setting applied.


Hostname IP Address MAC Address Band Signal RX Rate TX Rate
Dell_WLAN F4:8C:50:F6:7E:62 2.4GHz -32 dBm 144.4 Mbit/s


Hostname IP Address MAC Address Leasetime Remaining
Dell_WLAN F4:8C:50:F6:7E:62 11:38:35

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by anonymous


Thank you for your query.

I have tested DHCP lease functionality on RUT955 with the currently newest firmware version: RUT9_R_00.07.00.2. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to replicate the issue.

Here are my test results:

Lan interface DHCP lease configuration:


The most likely cause would be incorrect client Mac address. It is really easy to get confused when nowdays even the most simple laptops have multiple built in wireless interfaces. In addition, at least from the screenshots provided it appears that an older firmware version has been used, Could you please try upgrading it to RUT9_R_00.07.00.2 and check if the issue reoccurs.

Firmware download link:

If the issue reoccurs, please Could you download the troubleshoot file and forward it to me via private message. In order to download the troubleshoot file please navigate to System -> Administration -> Troubleshoot -> Download Troubleshoot

More information on where to find it:

In addition, if it's a windows machine, Could you please open Windows Command Prompt(Press windows key and type cmd, hit enter) and type in the following command: ipconfig /all , please make a screenshot/screenshots of all available interfaces and attach it as well when sending the troubleshoot file.(There is a space in between ipconfig and /all)

Note: If your machine is running on Linux OS, please open the Terminal and type ifconfig -a

Best Regards,