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by anonymous
Hi all.

I've got a RUT950 that was making me log in every time I tried to change a setting and not making the change. I factory reset it and now it's in a loop. Asking me to change the admin password but looping back to the login page and only accepting the default password.

I can't say for sure what firmware version it was on but my gut says probably 06.07.7 or something close to that. I read an answer to another post that updating the firmware to the latest will sort that but I now don't have access to the router settings to be able to do that. Is there a way to update the firmware without admin access or is the router just a paperweight now?


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by anonymous


In this case, try to reinstall router's firmware through bootloader's menu. Here is detailed step-by-step instructions how to so:

  • First of all please set static IP address on your network interface (e.g.
  • Use private/incognito Web browsers window with cleared/disabled cache

  • Power on the device while holding reset button. Flashing all 4 Ethernet LEDs indicates that bootloader’s webserver has started.
  • Access router via web browser
  • Upload new router's firmware "RUT9XX_R_00.06.xx_WEBUI.bin". It can be downloaded from here:
  • Wait few minutes. Router's LEDs should stop flashing. Only LED with LAN cable connected to that port should be active.
  • Access router via web browser