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by anonymous

I have multiple RUT950's running  RUT9XX_R_00.06.08.5. Unfortunately that version has a critical bug that crashes the router when moving 30+ mbytes of data over IPSEC VPN. We have verified that this is not the case in  RUT9XX_R_00.06.08.3. When trying to downgrade from .5 to .3 I get the following message: 

Firmware upgrade - verification failed

This device's provisioning doesn't allow it to be downgraded to a firmware version older than RUT9XX_R_00.06.08.2
Ensure to get a correct firmware image and try to upgrade again.

I have verified (and re-downloaded) that it is indeed RUT9XX_R_00.06.08.3 that I am trying to install, and that this build number is higher than what the router claims we must have. 

Anyone seen this before and have a solution / workaround? 


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by anonymous

We've released a 07.01.2 version for RUTOS which should now have all the fixes that IPSec needed.

But if you're still eager to downgrade to the older version - try downgrading through bootloader menu method:

Also try downgrading to 06.08.2 instead.

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by anonymous


Thank you for the reply. I managed to fix it late last night.

A few comments though

1) Downloading to 06.08.2 (or 3), was not an option since the affected routers had the MeigLink SLM750 chip. Upgrade message given by the router was incorrect. You cannot downgrade to lower than .5 with that chip. 

2) Even though IPSEC was fixed in 07, DDNS was removed, which created some issues since we rely on that. That being said, we found a way to access the routers manually after upgrade, forcing the reinstall and re-adding DDNS again. Luckily the config was still stored. 

Hopefully Teltonika will come up with a new 07 release quite quickly that includes DDNS, because upgrading to 07 now is a mess :-)


by anonymous

Good afternoon,

DDNS was not removed from firmware but it was added as package and it has to be installed using Package Manger or Manual upload.

All packages for manual upload can be found here ->

And package manager page can be found in service tab as first option as show in this picture below:

Eligijus Gružauskas

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by anonymous
Eligijus Gružauskas; sent you a private message :-)