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by anonymous

Since the upgrade to the latest firmware, I missing the DDNS service, it's not included anymore. At the Package Manager it's had the status 'In queue' for weeks now.

Will it be included in a newer release? As I depending on a correct IP address for my domain.

1 Answer

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by anonymous


Unfortunately, RUT2_R_00.07.01 firmware version was discontinued few weeks ago. This is the reason why it cannot download required packages automatically.

Current latest firmware version, which we would suggest using at this moment in time is RUT2XX_R_00.01.14.4.

Teltonika RnD team is working on new firmware release, which would address major issues found in RUT2_R_00.07.01 and has plans to release this new firmware in upcoming weeks. If you cannot wait few weeks and would need to use DDNS functionality now, one option would be to downgrade your router's firmware back to RUT2XX_R_00.01.14.4 temporarily. Just take note, that when downgrading the firmware, all device's settings will be lost.

by anonymous
Today I noticed that a new FW was available RUT2_R_00_07.01.2 which I have upgraded to.

But I still see some packages in the queue, namely the UPNP, DDNS and TCPdump will there be a new FW that will/can include this packages?


by anonymous
If you have upgraded firmware with keeping previous settings, try to restore your device to factory default settings. That should allow you to initiate fresh package downloads and successfully download them.
by anonymous

Had the same problem, the router is a Teltonika RUT240 with the following firmware:

2022-05-19 14:09:31

Didn't want to lose the settings as I was upgrading the firmware from a remote location, so restoring the device to factory defaults was not an option.

The DDNS package was also listed in the Package Manager, status was also "In queue" but was not being downloaded/installed.

So I removed the DDNS package from the queue, then downloaded the DDNS package file from the page with the available packages:

RUT240 Package Downloads - Teltonika Networks Wiki (

and went to Services->Package Manager->Upload and uploaded the downloaded package file.

It got uploaded and installed successfully (installation takes a few moments) and afterwards the DDNS service started working normally again.

The "QoS scripts" package was also in queue, so I followed the same procedure, removed "QoS scripts" from the queue then downloaded the "QoS" package from the packages page in the link above (I checked the contents of the compressed "QoS" package file and among the included files there was also one named "QoS scripts" so I guess that it also got installed, as the package is now listed as just "QoS" in the package manager and not "QoS scripts").

Hope this helps!