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by anonymous
After upgrade to the 7.x version on my RUTX11 the package Travelmate can’t run anymore due to the change to vuci. Is there a compatibility layer to run luci based packages? Or any other way to get luci based Travelmate running?

1 Answer

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by anonymous

In order to run your custom packages which as some additional webui elements on our device, you need to make your package compatible with our vuci.

For this, you need to contact Teltonika Networks sales manager in order to get a possibility to modify out vuci to your needs with the help of SDK.

Best regards,
by anonymous
So basicly you send away customers....

In the past i installed multiple teltonika's with the travelmate app.

now i have to return the device because it is useless as an travelrouter. and need to find another openwrt based device that suits my needs.

i think it would be a simple task for your development team to make the app available. but instead you want multiple customers to pay multiple times for the same functionality. not going to do that. it was a working function. now you choose to destroy it.