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by anonymous
Hello there,

I just ordered a RUTX14 an I wonder if it is possible to use my old antenna ( with only 2x2Mimo 2x2wifi and gps? or should I by a 4x4Mimo instead or, is it possible to use the 2x2 external antenna and plug in the "standard" antenna on the other 2 ports?

Thanks for the answer,


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by anonymous

Regarding this question of yours, yes it's okay to use your existing antenna for Main and AUX of RUTX14 and connect the standard antenna on the remaining AUX antennas. But I am not sure if you will be receiving the same speed throughput in this setup when using the 4x4 MIMO antenna since when you are using a 4x4 MIMO Antenna it will be a full outdoor antenna with the same mounting as when you are going to use your existing 2x2 MIMO Antenna it will be outdoor and the rest will be stick antenna's that will be mounted directly with RUTX14 there are different antenna mountings so it may affect the device performance. For this reason that is why it would be best to actually test it on the live scenario. Because as per standard LTE CAT 12 uses 4x4 MIMO in order to reach the ideal speeds.  

I hope his help

Best answer
by anonymous
Hi Jerome, and thanks for the answer.

Which antenna would you recomend for a overland travel mobile?

Greets CJ
by anonymous

Hi CJ, 

Regarding you're follow-up question, we cannot give you a direct suggestion on what antenna is suggested to be used in your requirement since we can support multiple 3rd party antennas as long as it is having an SMA Male connector. 

Here are some examples of some 3rd party antenna vendors having 4x4 MIMO: 

QuPanel LTE MIMO 4x4 (
MIMO-3-14 - Poynting Tech - Antenna Solutions, South Africa, USA & Europe

Just keep in mind you can communicate with the said antenna providers to provide you with the best antenna in your location. It is necessary to know the Network Frequency Band that your ISP is using for them to suggest you the best. 

I hope this helps