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by anonymous
Where do you report firmware bugs?

Downloaded and installed latest RUTX firmware RUTX_R_00.07.01.2 about 6 hours ago to RUTX09.

The MD5 and SHA256 values of the downloaded file do not match those on the web site

When sim 1 connection fails and the device switches over to sim 2 both the sim 1 and sim 2 LEDS are illuminated when on sim 2. See the attached image. Can be reproduced.

Sim 1 and sim 2 LEDS are off during the period there is no connection but when sim 2 connects, first sim 2 and then sim 1 LEDs illuminate.

This only occurs on failover. If you boot the device without sim 1 once the connection to sim 2 is made only sim 2 LED is illuminated.

On successful failover the event log includes " Switched to main WAN (mob1s1a1)" after switching to sim 2. mob1s1a1 is sim 1 so this appears incorrect. See the PDF attached.

Device data

RUTX0900XXXX, Hardware revision 0505 Kernel version 5.4.147. Modem EG06. Modem FW version EG06ELAR04A04M4G

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by anonymous
Hello, Martin!

Thank you for noticing it!

This bug was already registered by our team. It will be fixed in future firmware release.

Best regards, Aliaksandr!