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by anonymous

I want to handle falling voltage and rising voltage as 2 different triggers on TRB245. When input voltage falls, trb245 will send "fail" mail. When the input voltage rises again, it will send "active" mail. I could not do it. When I choose trigger condition as "both", It cannot send different mails. It sends only "fail" mail even if input rises.

Is there a way to do it? I added a picture of situation also. If we cannot do this on GUI, how can I do it on command line?

1 Answer

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by anonymous


For this solution to work, you would need to set up two different actions in the actions tab, one with email sending for fallen voltage, other one for when voltage rises. For “Trigger interval” I would suggest using around 3 seconds. On pin trigger falling chose the action with email sending for falling voltage, on pin trigger rising chose the action with email sending for rising voltage. More information about I/O juggler can be found on our wiki:



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by anonymous
I did it as you said but rising action does not work properly. When input voltage fails, fail email is send. But when input voltage rises again, bot active condition mail and fail condition mail send. It should only send active conditon mail. I am using latest firmware and configuration is in attachment of main question. By the way the "active input voltage" mail condition is just high condition, so why does it send "failed input voltage" mail too?
by anonymous

You get both rising and falling voltage emails, because in one of your input configurations you have selects that the action is triggered on both rising and falling voltages, and then in the same input configuration you have set that both success and fail emails are sent, reconfiguring this entry to trigger: rising and add actions: sendsuccess should resolve your issues.

I am also providing screenshots of my test configuration:

by anonymous
Thanks, Paullius. It works.