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by anonymous

Hi Everyone,

We are using a Rut950 with FW, and we are trying to monitor mobile data usage.

We have several stand alone video servers at customer sites, which is operating as standalone solutions. These are connected to 4G so we can remote connect and monitor the system health via Hostmonitor. The Customer can connect to these servers via a mobile app and use the provided services. This can cause a problem, if the costumer is using the app excessively in regards to data usage, since we have a data cap from our Mobile Operator.
We therefore would like to keep an eye on monitor data usage, so we can intervene before the cap is reached.

We have been trying the dataplan option in the router, and it seems to be working overall - when the cap is reached - no more internet. Except - now we can no longer monitor the server (or remote connect).
I have a few questions and a feature suggestion:

  • We are looking for a option where we can get a warning in advance to the cap being reached. There is a SMS warning (not ideal for our setup), But from what I can gather, there used to be a threshold option (missing now)?

  • Also, I've tried enabling SNMP under Status->Services-Enable SNMP, but I get an 404 error (got the same error on another similar devices) - so it seems like a bug.

  • Feature suggestion - It would be nice with on the dataplan option, to have a slowdown/throttle option when the cap is reached, so you can still access the device - albeit slowly. For example you could limit available bandwidth to ..e.g. 64/128/256K or similar.

Any suggestions is also welcome.

Thanks for reading.


Henrik L.

[Edit]: I found the reason for the 404 error - The SNMP package wasn't installed.

2 Answers

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by anonymous
I would do some own scripts, to

- measure the users data consumption.

- disable user logins, in case user data consumption exceeded.
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by anonymous


Thank you for your query.

In terms this your mentioned warning. Currently, as you probably know, the only available option is the SMS warning. There is a possibility to receive the SMS warning prior the mobile data limit is reached. For example, it is possible to set 1000 MB data limit and then set 800 MB on SMS warning. This would allow you to be notified in advance. 

In order to implement this, please navigate to: Network -> Interfaces -> Mob1s1a1/Mob1s2a1 -> edit(pencil sign)

More information here:

However, I do apologize, I wasn't able to fully grasp "there used to be a threshold option (missing now)?". Could you please elaborate a little bit regarding this part, what exactly you meant by threshold and what kind of notification this would be?

Regarding SNMP, with the newest RUTOS firmware version SNMP package has been moved to package manager. Therefore, it needs to be installed in order to use it.

You can find more information here:

Regarding the feature suggestion, thank you, I definitely can see where this could be used. However, there is an issue: to limit the bandwidth on mob1s1a1 QoS(Quality of Service) would need to be used. Unfortunately, due to the current implementation logic with our RUTOS firmware version QoS doesn't have an option to select the mobile interface mob1s1a1.

More information on QoS can be found here:

To sum up, thank you for your suggestion, however, at this point in time due to QoS limitations this wouldn't be possible to implement. QoS needs improvements in general, only then we could think of any additional development. I believe there should be an improvement in QoS with our 7.3 FW release, but unfortunately, that is not officially confirmed yet. Nevertheless, I have passed on your suggestion our R&D(Research & Development) team to have in mind when/if QoS functionality will be redone.

Best Regards,

Dziugas K.