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I have a RUT230 running FW RUT2_R_00.07.01.2.

Mobile operator is Vodafone and am using a Custom APN for the prepaid Vodafone SIM.

Users connect via the RUT230 - users can resolve names to IP address - implies DNS traffic is working.

Ran some wireshark monitoring and can TCP connections are successful at the 3-way TCP Handshake - but any TLS conversations fail.

Also using the diagnostic tools on the RUT230 - i.e. nslookup would work - but ping/traceroute would fail.

Also can use telnet to telnet to various sites and the connection is made (i.e. a in Windows a command prompt window would go blank indicating the basic connection was successful).- this to me would indicate the communication is good over the Vodafone mobile link

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


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Have you tried using other SIM card with auto APN?

My guess is because you're using custom APN, it's limiting some of network capability, i.e can't ping, but telnet and DNS traffic is able to pass.

To analyze more, could you share troubleshoot file of this device? You can download it from System>administration menu.