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my RUTX11 stoped working. All LEDs are off except the PWR LED is blinking.

After disconnecting the RUTX11 from Power and reconnecting the RUTX11 worked fine.

I like to know, what  a blinking PWR-LED is indicating?

Thank You

Rainer Klasani

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This useful page from the online manual detailing the various states of the RUTX11 LEDs should give you what you're looking for, should this happen again.


This answer does not help because, there (This useful page ) is no explanation about a blinking PWR LED. So, may be you have or can get an explanation for a blinking PWR LED (all other LEDs are off). 

Hi, this condition may mean problems with the power supply (voltage drawdown) or internal problems with the device. I recommend trying another power supply and if this does not help, then contact your seller to get a warranty on the device.

Best regards.