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by anonymous


Wondering if someone can help me power and manage this device from TRB141. 

Currently using a Lupus-Electronics 10810 Lupus-12 VTried plugging Live cable on different I/O pins but none work. Do I need any other components or am I just using the wrong I/O pins ?

1 Answer

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by anonymous


I would need more information to help you. But please note the following points.

            1. Lupus-Electronics 10810 Lupus-12 V Has a 220V AC input and a 12VDC output. So it cannot be powered by TRB141 I/O, even with its relay               function.

            2. The Relay in the I/O ports supports a maximum of 30VAC/VDC at 2A. Using a higher rating might damage the device.

So based on an assumption of your needs i can suggest you 2 solutions.

            1. If you need a remotely controlled 12VDC supply, you can power the TRB using the same power supply while creating a relay with the parallel connection of the power supply.

             2. You can use the I/O ports to support a relay to control the Lupus device.

I can refer you materials and illustrations based on the actual requirements after receiving more information.

Hope this helps

by anonymous

Thank you for helping!

That would be great, manage the device power remotely is exactly what I need. I also have a TRB 140 and a separate relay if that helps for the build.