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by anonymous

Hello dear Teltonika Support.

Please help me to set up a connection between OpnVPN server and clients.

I have an OpenVPN server in the company network.
This works and is also set up as a client in the Teltonika RUT955.

Here is screenshot:

A computer with a web server (on port 8080) is connected to Teltonika directly via LAN and has the address
Teltonika in the VPN network can be reached via IP, I see that when I enter this address in the browser, the Teltonika login window comes up (I make this call from any computer in the VPN network):

But I want to reach the web server at, but nothing comes up.

I have already configured port forwarding and traffic rules. It does not work

Port Forwarding:

Trafic Rules:

But I can still see unconnected web servers. Just Teltonika itself.
What am I doing wrong? What do I still have to do or set new ones?

I thank everyone in advance.

1 Answer

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by anonymous

Thanks for contacting us. I need more data before I can analyze what went wrong.

Could you share the troubleshoot file of this device by private message? it can be downloaded in System>Administration>troubleshoot